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Feb. 11, 2020

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Our office starts to work again from the 10 of February!


SuperFireworks Corp. welcomes you to visit the pyrotechnic show!

Dec. 16, 2018

SuperFireworks Corp. welcomes you to visit the pyrotechnic show of new consumer and professional fireworks in the world capital of pyrotechnics - Liuyang City, Hunan Province, China. From January, 10 to January, 26 .


National Fireworks Association expo 2018

July 26, 2018

We would like to inform you that on September 10 through September 14 we will be in Wichita Kansas at the international pyrotechnic NFA expo The SuperFireworks Inc.  will be presented for these dates.


Fireworks on Chinese New Year

Feb. 26, 2018

Many people would appreciate the beautiful fireworks for the celebration of the Spring Festival tonight."In China, the Spring Festival is celebrated by setting off three bunches of firecrackers. One for the reunion dinner, one before closing the door at New Year's Eve, and one when you open the door on the first morning of the new year. The more firecrackers, the better. People even keep the red residues for more than a week, symbolizing lasting prosperity.Fireworks have illuminated the night sky , dazzling overseas Chinese in lands far away on Chinese New Year’s Eve. 


SuperFireworks in Nuremberg of Germany

Feb. 25, 2018

On January 31, 2018, The annual International Toy Fair in Nuremberg of Germany was conducted again. Customers from all over the world have come to the exhibition to buy fireworks.


Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair

Jan. 14, 2018

What is about Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair?

More than 240 renowned brands from 18 countries and regions were featured at the Brand Name Gallery of the Toys & Games Fair.Many buyers were attracted by the wide variety of innovative toys and technology-infused games showcased at the Smart-Tech Toys zoneThe “World of Toys” pavilion, which featured mainly European exhibitors, returned for the 10th consecutive year to showcase new toys and games.2100 exhibitors from 45 countries and regions, and more than 49000 customers have entered the exhibition.


Welcome 2018 New Year--Fireworks Show from all over the World

Jan. 9, 2018

On January 1-3, 2018, Russia held many fireworks shows to welcome 2018 New Year,  the  St-Petersburg of Russia residents watched the 2018 New Year Fireworks beside the Neva River.


SuperFireworks on Fireworks Festival in China

Dec. 27, 2017

On the evening of November 4th,with beautiful moon light and cool breeze, all fireworks fans from worldwide were gathering on the beautiful bank of the Liuyang river.The 13th China (Liuyang) International Pyro - Musical Competition is the world- class International Fireworks competition, which has been held for the seventh time this year.


Fireworks on "High Flight of 2017"

Nov. 29, 2017

The pyrotechnic forum "High Flight"  is hold in Russian and foreign experts impart experiences and knowledge on the forum. Since 2011, fireworks show begin to display and from then every year will have the show.


Amazing firework in London

Nov. 29, 2017

In large cities like London, New year is considered to be a significant holiday, and there is nothing can give impressive representations to all the audiences except fireworks show.The annual New Year's fireworks show will be held on the bank of the Thames in the Area of Westminster.


The 13th China (Liuyang) International Pyro - Musical Competition

Oct. 26, 2017

Who will be the Champion of The 13th China (Liuyang) International Pyro - Musical Competition? Let us wait and see.



Sept. 13, 2017

The 18th annual National Fireworks Association Expo 2017 was held in Erie, Pennsylvania, northeastern of the United States, from September 5 to September 11.


World Championship of Fireworks for the second time in Kaliningrad fireworks

Sept. 7, 2017

The young but already large-scale the World Championship of Fireworks 2017 will take place in this fall on the Baltic Sea shore in Zelenogradsk, Kaliningrad Region, the westernmost regions of Russia.


The annual Honda Celebration of Light

Sept. 7, 2017

The annual Honda Celebration of Light has become one of the most prestigious fireworks competitions in the world, attracting the world's best fireworks pyrotechnicians and designers.

The fireworks festival got started in English Bay at Saturday night lasting three nights with the best displays. It is considered the longest similar festival which is taking place on the sea coast, which attracting guests viewing on the boats from neighboring beaches.


Fireworks Festival in Moscow

Aug. 13, 2017

In 2017,August 19 and 20, Rostec fireworks Festival will be held in Moscow. With the support of Moscow government, this significant event will be held in the territory of the Brateyevo cascade park which possess wide water space of the Moskva River and a terrace of the coast from which it can perfectly watch the fireworks show.


Fireworks of Japan

Aug. 6, 2017

 Japan, the neighbor of China , also has the fireworks culture from 16th century as China. At first, they ignited bouquets in the sky, the Japanese name "Hanabi" which means "a fiery flower".With the inherent love to fireworks, Japanese fireworks show attracted tourists from around the world in the in the 21st century.


Smolensk Shooting Stars

July 27, 2017

On July 22, annual fireworks festival with the beautiful name "Smolensk Shooting Stars" took place in“Youzhny”. Only in Russia, the commercial festival “The Smolensk shooting stars" has taken place for the 7th time and invited skilled teams to participate. The participants and winners of competition of fireworks, not only from Russia (Piro-Ostroff, Kazan, and "Piro-Kaskad, Moskow"),but also from other countries ( NorwayBulgaria, Azerbaijan).


Fireworks festival "Kölner Lichter" in Cologne of Germany

July 21, 2017

From May to September, Big weekend fireworks shows called “ Rhine fireworks ” are hold in the longest Germany Rhine River every year, from Bonn, Bingene , Ryudeskhayma, Spee-Koblenz, Obervesel , Sankt-Goarskhauzena to Sankt-Goare. The most famous fireworks show is the "Kölner Lichter" which is hold in Cologne on July 15,2017.


Navanica Music Fireworks Festival

July 14, 2017

All fireworks fans have chance to get together again. Navanica Music Fireworks Festival will hold in Belarus at the end of summer of 2017.

On August 26, the activity name of "Thunderstorm"  will begin. The beach, several sports zones and playgrounds will open for children. From 12:00 am to evening, a concert and fireworks competition will show to audience, the audience can both have a good rest time and define the winner of music fireworks competition


Smolensk Shooting Stars

July 11, 2017

In Russia, various festival of fireworks will hold to suitable for different tastes of audience, among them the most famous is the "Smolensk Shooting Stars" fireworks festival. The 7th Smolensk Shooting Stars" fireworks festival will held in airfield "Youzhny"from 17:00 to 23:00 on July 22. by the strongest pyrotechnic companies and experts that will please all fireworks fans.


Fireworks show in USA

July 9, 2017

The July 4 Independence Day holiday commemorates the occasion in 1776 when the 13 original colonies declared independence from Britain during the American Revolutionary War .Declaration of Independence is a great history of the world literature, adoption of the Declaration of Independence that the American people will one day become a memorable day for the United States Independence Day.


Fireworks Competition in San Fermin

July 9, 2017

The festival of San Fermin is a celebration held annually.While is the most famous event is the running of the bulls, the week-long celebration involves many other traditional events, such as parades with dancers and huge dolls,  launching rocket,  “The Roar” action, concerts and fireworks show.


Mogilev - our pride and love

July 2, 2017

The most unique facts and news from different sources for our readers presents our pyrotechnic B2B portal

Today we are glad to tell you about 750th anniversary celebration of the city of Mogilev which is located in a small but beautiful country of Belarus.


A new journey in life

June 27, 2017

Here also the first month of summer comes to an end, so, today we will tell about a traditional surprising holiday of graduates which takes place in St. Petersburg and has no analogs around the world - "Scarlet sails".

In the night of June 24 thousands of graduates from all Russia, and also guests of the cultural capital and residents of St. Petersburg, have captivated all city streets and Neva Embankment waiting for a surprising performance.


Stay in step with trends of fireworks business with

Aug. 29, 2016

Good news  team is happy to announce to our subscribers new possibilities of the best pyrotechnics portal b2b. Now you are able to get information regarding pyrotechnic events and be the first one who evaluates unique fireworks and innovative products of pyrotechnic industry. 


Silver boat of 2016

July 29, 2016

Fireworkers at cinema

June 27, 2016

Bridge of immortal

June 2, 2016

Fearless ladder

May 22, 2016

The 6th National Russian fireworks festival “Smolensk Starfall – 2016”

April 16, 2016

Summer comes very soon, which means that a new season of festivals and amazing events in the pyrotechnics world will open its doors.
Today the team of portal is glad to announce our readers one of the most expected event of 2016 – The 6th National Russian fireworks festival “Smolensk Starfall”. 


The best light installations of the world

March 15, 2016

The team of portal congratulate all our readers with coming of spring! The weather is nice and people feel easiness and joy. We all miss sunshine and bright days. Thereby, today we want to tell you about the most interesting and amazing light shows from around the world, which give an inspiration and make you create anything even if you watch them in recording.


The most surprising fireworks of the world

Feb. 4, 2016

Team of portal wrote many times about the amazing events from the world of pyrotechnics, and it seems to our already sophisticated reader can’t be surprised in this field. However, we will attempt once again and tell you about the best fireworks of all the world, many of which still haven’t been widely known.


Flying drones show

Jan. 19, 2016

Just think about it, what else can surprise experienced audience in the 21st century? People seemed to saw everything: great fireworks shows, laser shows, light shows, fiery flying staircases, roads from firecrackers and many other things about which the team of portal constantly tells its readers.


16th International pyrotechnic conference in Japan

Jan. 7, 2016

From 25 to 29 April 2017 welcoming Japan will open its doors to all who wish to visit the 16th Annual Pyrotechnic conference in Omagari city.


What happens if a thousand Bengal candles is set on fire at the same time?

Dec. 14, 2015

Christmas and New Year is a time of experiments and fulfillment of desires! Each adult want to feel like a kid during this period and try unknown up to this time things.

SlivkiShow project, which known to many users, shows graphically what result can be because of fun with fireworks and other hazardous materials for a common person.


Fire way

Dec. 8, 2015

The team of portal always supports any creative initiatives, however, we warn that it’s not worth to repeat the feat! Moreover you won’t get the effect of pioneer! We wish a good creative mood to our readers!


Is it necessary to carry out, to deliver goods from China? It’s easy to do that!

Nov. 24, 2015

China has already been a leader for many years in the production of goods and suppling them all over the world. There is no one company that did not think at least once about cooperation with this country. Everything is attracting: reasonable prices, quality products, fast production and the latest technology. There is only one nuance: how to deliver the goods in your region. The long process of searching for carriers, high tariffs, misguided expectations - not everything that many of us had to face with. Now the question of delivery of goods from China can be solved in a very short time, thanks to the company  DzhoDa ltd

The team of portal sincerely believes that this article is not only interesting for our readers, but also productive as much as possible.



National pyrotecnic festival in Mexico

Nov. 15, 2015

Team of portal continues to introduce our readers with unique pyrotechnic events from around the world. Today our story is about the annual pyrotechnic festival, which is held in Mexico and anybody can take part in it.



Oct. 13, 2015

Team of portal continues to introduce its readers to the wonderful world of pyrotechnics. Today we're going to tell you about five outstanding fireworks festivals, where anyone can become a spectator. 


Shining Orion

Oct. 5, 2015

When we see some delightful things, which affect us, we rarely ask ourselves, who is the author if these ideas. We remember aftertaste remaining from viewing of magnificent spectacle. However if we look behind the scene, separating viewer and professional, we can see usual people, which can embody a sense of beauty into reality. One of these artists is Russian company “Orion-art”, which surprise us every time with their unique projects and original approach to seemingly everyday things. 


Warning, don’t look down!

Oct. 4, 2015


 Our next news will be liked by admirers of extreme recreation and entertainment. Diving with sharks, parachuting, mountain climbing – all that requires big efforts and careful preparation, and it is anyway full of many dangers. Hunan Chinese engineers decided to avoid all these nuances and create an attraction that allows everyone to feel like walking in the air, while not risking anything. The opening in the province national park of Glass Bridge has helped to embody the idea to life. “For the brave ones” – as dubbed it the viewers and brave souls who experienced it themselves.  


Fire stairway to heaven!

Oct. 3, 2015

China has always been a country that embodying in reality all that recently seemed to us impossible. So what can surprise somebody in 21th century? The century of robots inventions, unmanned vehicles and space discoveries. That would seem that everything is invented and made, but, Chinese artist Cai Guoqiang doesn’t think like that. This time the most “fire” master in the world has made a new kind of fireworks, that has shook the whole world. Video with his masterpiece has gained more than a million views. 


Pyrotechnic music festival in shanghai 2015

Sept. 29, 2015

From September 30 to October 6 the 15th Annual Music Festival of Pyrotechnic art will host in Shanghai.  

The Festival begins from 2000, when the best pyrotechnic teams all over the world for the first time competed in mastery and ability to present their program in the most favorable light, to interest spectators and jury. 


Сircle of light in Moscow

Sept. 28, 2015

The 5th Annual Festival of Light installations “Circle of Light” will be held from September 26 to October 4 in the capital of Russian Federation, Moscow. Artists and illustrators will color buildings by effects and 3D-installations on nine platforms of Moscow. They make viewers to make a journey out of reality into a fairytale, to visit the past and the future, to find themselves in the world we see in our dreams. 


The 6th China (Liuyang) International Pyro-musical Competition

Sept. 27, 2015

The 6th China (Liuyang) International Music Fireworks Competition at 6th Nov 2015)


Show demonstrations of the SuperFireworks Co Ltd

Sept. 24, 2015

From the 5th to 15th of September in the Liyyang city of Hunan province (China) the pyrotechnic demonstration shows from the company SuperFireworks Co LTD were held.The team of portal gladly can share with our readers by colorful photos from the place of the event and refresh in memory all the wonderful moments of this show demonstration. 


The fireworks city - Liuyang

Sept. 24, 2015

On the territory of China, in the province Hunan, the real world capital of the pyrotechnic art is situated – Liuyang city.



Sept. 16, 2015

Every holiday we face with the choice of how to surprise and make glad our family and guests. Big feast, outstanding music, fancy dress party – we all see that already many times and it hardly causes awe of the guests. Absolutely different thing – lush, bright, striking imagination firework. 


Fire festival “BURNING MAN 2015”

Sept. 15, 2015

On the 7th of September 2015 in American state Nevada it has been finished annually art-festival “Burning man 2015”. The event is an experiment to create “community of radical self-expression” and “catalyst of creative culture” as organizers said.


The first international pyrotechnic badminton tournament “cat vs mouse”

Sept. 10, 2015

In the glorious city of Liuyang of Hunan province it was normal sunny day. People were walking leisurely on the streets and on shady alleys, talking about everyday life and were glad to early autumn. However not many people realized that serious passions ignited just on the next street.


Some interesting facts from the pyrotechnics world

Sept. 9, 2015

For the first time fireworks were brought to Europe in the 15th century from China – a country where, as believed, a bright light of fireworks protected the inhabitants from evil spirits. The art of creation of fireworks was perfected over the centuries by their makers. Today we know a lot of curious facts about these lights.


Pyrotechnic magic from Podolsk city

Sept. 3, 2015

The team of portal continues to acquaint its readers with outstanding pyrotechnic teams from Russian and other countries. Today we’re going to talk about professionals from Russian city Podolsk, “Pyromagic” LLC company


International firework festival in Moscow

Sept. 2, 2015

On the 21st of August 2015 in the capital of Russian Federation, Moscow, International firework festival took place.


International street art festival “Inspiration”

Sept. 1, 2015

From the 25th of July to the 1st of August in Moscow (Russian Federation) on the territory of modern exhibition complex “VDNKh” the Festival of Street art “Inspiration” was held, which gather on its area representatives of contemporary art culture from all over the world and it was dedicated to the birthday of the park.


Russian festival of fireworks “Silver boat 2015”

Aug. 31, 2015

On the 8th of August 2015 in Russian city Kostroma anniversary 10th Festival of fireworks “Silver Boat 2015” took place.

Once again the Festival collect the most professional pyrotechnic team from all parts of Russia. This year each participant of the program is a winner of previous festivals both in Russia and all over the world.


Interesting facts about the Chinese new year

Aug. 27, 2015

Chinese New Year - Chunjie, also means Spring Festival, is the most important holiday for Chinese. It is celebrated over 2000 years. It falls on the first new moon of the first month of the year, between the 12th of January and the 19th of February. After introduction of Gregorian Calendar this holiday became known as “Spring Festival”, to separate it from the New Year according the western style. In daily use Chinjie is called “Nyan” (which means “year”).


the 15th international Symposium of fireworks

Aug. 25, 2015

Annual International symposium of fireworks will take place in Bordeaux city, France, from the 21st to 25th of September.


The night of Xiamen

Aug. 7, 2015

The night of Xiamen


Fireworks of the best collections

Aug. 4, 2015

Currently its not so difficult to find a company that can organize show of fireworks at any event fast and excellentYou can just write down a “firework for wedding” in address bar of browser and you will see hundreds offers and prepared options of shows in the sky. However, as a result, not every suggested company will meet Your expectations and will be able to perform Your order for 100%, herewith focusing on Your vision and demands.


Magic of Fire

July 30, 2015

On June 12th, 2015 in water area of the Volga River took place the second annual Pyrotechnic Festival “Magic of Fire” in Nizhny Novgorod city (Russian Federation), devoted to the City Day holiday.


The Scarlet Sails Holiday 2015

July 28, 2015

On the night of 20th to 21st of July, in the glorious city of Saint Petersburg (Russian federation), the holiday of growing up and start of independent life «The Scarlet Sails» happened once again. There were more than million participants in this wonderful action, and that quantity absolutely broke the record of last year.