Fireworks Production will resume after The National Two Sessions

March 13, 2023

Dear readers, the two sessions have just concluded, and today we received the fireworks resume production notice from the Liuyang city authorities, with the details as following:

“According to the national "two sessions" production instructions, starting from March 14th, fireworks factories that meet safety conditions can resume work on their own. All fireworks factories should get the following things done before resuming production:

Hold a safety management meeting for personnel, and convey the city’s requirements for production safety;

Conduct safety training before the resumption of production (especially all staff at level 1.1 must be trained in place);

Carry out a comprehensive inspection and overhaul of all mechanical equipment (including transport vehicles);

Conduct a comprehensive investigation of the equipment and facilities on "four rules of safety" (anti-static, lightning, explosion-proof, moisture-proof).

The Fireworks factory in Wanzai County will resume work and production on March 15th”.

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