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  1. Best range of consumer and professional fireworks for sale, theatrical and special effects pyrotechnics, thunder flashes, highway and marine distress flares, pyrotechnic toys and other pyro products.
  2. Wide choice of manufacturers of pyrotechnics, fireworks and special effects equipment from all over the world.
  3. Daily updated catalogues with new pyrotechnics products.
  4. Personalized cake fireworks construction and customization.
  5. Quick search on ozozon.com.
  6. Detailed information about goods: fireballs videos, technical specifications of fireworks equipment, packaging, safety classification, real-life sizes of pyro products, quality photos of fireworks and special effects equipment.
  7. Easy-to-use search filters for product catalogues to quickly buy fireworks wholesale from China by different parameters:
    1. Product type
    2. Real-life pyrotechnic video availability
    3. Effects description
    4. CE certificates, meeting the EU standards
    5. ADR Safety raiting
    6. price, etc
  8. Prompt feedback.
  9. Direct communication with manufacturer of pyrotechnics, fireworks and special effects equipment, so you could purchase fireworks easily.
  10. Exiting chat with pyro professionals and auto translation of all pyrotechnic terms.
  11. Full-time online videos from one of the iconic places, hosting biggest fireworks festivals, international pyrotechnic teams performances, production demonstrations from leading pyro companies and many other events, which will be interesting for all pyrotechnics and fireworks fans.

To make it convenient for our customers, we have sorted the goods by groups, so that purchasing wholesale consumer fireworks wouldn’t take much time. Our website has the following categories:

  • Customer pyrotechnics including cakes, roman candles, fireballs, crackers, spinners and wheels, gerbs and fountains, sparklers and mini-rockets.
  • Professional pyrotechnics including mortar hits, squibs and set pieces, smoke pots and color smoke fireworks.
  • Pyro equipment, including mortars racks, cotton strings and fuses.
  • Special effects and theatrical pyrotechnics.
  • Thunder flashes, distress flares, pyrotechnic toys.
  • “Other” category includes products related to fireworks and pyrotechnics.


  • Click News to find piles of useful and fascinating information about the latest pyrotechnic events, photos and videos from world’s best fireworks festivals, pyro conferences and celebrations inviting pyrotechnics and special effects.
  • Click Feedback to read customers’ comments about a product or manufacturer.
  • Moreover, we have developed a special FAQ category containing the most frequently asked questions to make using the website ozozon.com more enjoyable for you.

Fireworks always give a good mood. This is their basic setting. And if you want that a holiday with a firework was succeeded on glory, it is important to buy professional fireworks. They must be qualitatively, reliable and made in adherence of safety measures. The shop of ozozon.com offers just the same products to all customers.

If you work in the field of organization of holidays and pyrotechnic shows in any country of the world, in either the USA or Australia, countries of Europe or Canada, then welcome to us! In our shop, you can buy wholesale professional fireworks on bargain prices. Selling wholesale of every type products implies a determined amount of packing, boxes, etc. Besides qualitatively professional fireworks, our shop also offers specialized equipment for organization of pyrotechnic shows. It is also possible to buy wholesale.

If you need professional fireworks in a large assortment, our online shop of ozozon.com is the best place for the purchase. There is a handy catalogue for a choice, description and basic descriptions to all types of products, video, terms of purchase in the shop. We will deliver your purchase in any country, either the UK or Canada.

It is needed also to mark that all products correspond to the European and American standards and has certificates of CE for Europe and APA 87-1 for the USA.