Equipment for fireworks production


products include: 180 groups of wire control special effect waterproof box igniter host 1, waterproof box 30 groups of wiring row 6, cable 70m 2, cable 15m 4,product introduction: de180-a adopts 220 V / 110 V AC power supply, with automatic detection function, each group can simultaneously detonate 30 igniters in series, 5 igniters in parallel, the host is divided into (I) Each region is divided into nine regions (a, B, C, D, e, F, G, h, I), and each region has 10 groups. The igniter has the function of delayed rapid fire, and the time adjustment range is 0.1-9.9 seconds.Have 2 transportbox!
Price, FOB: 1400.55$
Packing: 1/1
per item: 1400.55$
1.5-3 inch wraping machine
Price, FOB: 5618.24$
Packing: 1
per item: 5618.24$
3-8 inch wraping machine
Price, FOB: 8026.05$
Packing: 1
per item: 8026.05$
3-12 inch wraping machine
Price, FOB: 8427.36$
Packing: 1
per item: 8427.36$