Smolensk Shooting Stars

July 27, 2017

On July 22, annual fireworks festival with the beautiful name "Smolensk Shooting Stars" took place in“Youzhny”. Only in Russia, the commercial festival “The Smolensk shooting stars" has taken place for the 7th time and invited skilled teams to participate. The participants and winners of competition of fireworks, not only from Russia (Piro-Ostroff, Kazan, and "Piro-Kaskad", Moscow),but also from other countries ( NorwayBulgaria, Azerbaijan).

This year organizers have decided to add technical introduction called "Emerald moments"for each fireworks show.The first part fireworks without music painted the sky over airfield in shades of green color and natural sounds of explosions were very similar to a peculiar fervent tap dance. The second part of representations reflected the individual ideas of participants on a free style.

This summer the jury had awarded the 1st place to participants from Kazan Piro-Ostroff, the 2nd - the Bulgarian team, and the 3rd place was taken away by "Engelsrud Fireworks" from Oslo.All winners have received unique pyrope stone as one of prizes ( "Uncle Grisha") prepared by the organizer . 

Besides fireworks show, the jury has defined "The big holiday" for Moscow.Because the fireworks festival wasn't limited to fireworks and had attractions, sports competitions and interactive platforms, tasty and healthy food and so on. Conjurers, animators are invited to give performance to the audience and the concert program started on 5:00PM in the evening.

"Smolensk Shooting Stars" continues to gain popularity and had reached the international fireworks competition level. At the same time ,  "Smolensk Shooting Stars"also provided guests with wonderful entertainments and shows. The organizer took good care of adults and children, which have had make a good time for them to love fireworks more.

The team of the congratulates the organizers for this year festival and wish good luck for the next year .We are proud that there is such irreplaceable and unique festival in Russia.

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