Show demonstrations of the SuperFireworks Co Ltd

Sept. 24, 2015

From the 5th to 15th of September in the Liyyang city of Hunan province (China) the pyrotechnic demonstration shows from the company SuperFireworks Co LTD were held. 

Guests and viewers of show saw novelties of the pyrotechnic field, creative solutions of pyrotechnic performances and absolutely disarming, even for the most experienced professionals, effects and quality.

The event took place in calm and friendly atmosphere, spectators were pleased with what they saw and the obtaining emotions. The company SuperFireworks Co Ltd has took into account all the wishes of the clients and was able to provide a possibility of choice and individual style. 

The team of portal gladly can share with our readers by colorful photos from the place of the event and refresh in memory all the wonderful moments of this show demonstration. 

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