All fireworks enterprises fully stop production during high temperature seasons

June 24, 2022

Here comes the latest news about fireworks production in Liuyang from SuperFireworks Co., Ltd.

The ‘hottest’ news concerns the decision of Liuyang Municipal Safety Authority Office and the Municipal Emergency Response Bureau. Recently, the weather has been gradually warming up, and the Liuyang Municipal Government has announced the high temperature season holidays. It is decided that from 1st July, 2022 to 31th August, 2022, the city's fireworks and firecrackers production enterprises will stop production in stages. The notice applies to the black powder, fuse, firecracker and fireworks production enterprises.

The stages of fireworks production stoppage are as follows:

1. Black powder and fuse line production: all the pyro working procedures stop at 6 pm on 30th June, 2022.

2. Firecracker production enterprises: mechanical charging stop at 6 pm on 27th June, 2022, and all the pyro working procedures stop at 6 pm on 30th June, 2022.

3. Fireworks production enterprises: all procedures related to powders stop at 6 pm on 25th June, 2022, and putting fireworks effect powders into the tubes stops at 6 pm on 27th June, 2022. All working fireworks procedures will be stopped at 6 pm on 30th June, 2022.

The good news from SuperFireworks Co., Ltd. is that qualified manufacturers can apply for an extension of production until 6 pm on 20th July, 2022. Still all fireworks and firecracker production enterprises shall not perform any pyro fireworks procedures from 6 pm on 20th July, 2022 to 12 pm on 30th August, 2022. Recently, the temperature is quite suitable for the production of fireworks enterprises, but the continuous rain still has a certain impact. We proudly announce that the working schedule of our factories allows to complete customer orders in time even during the hottest season of the year.

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