Fireworks Fun Facts #10

Nov. 24, 2022

The SuperFireworks Co., Ltd. team keeps sharing fantastic facts from the world of fireworks and pyrotechnics within our FFF series!

...The Singapore National Day Parade is celebrated on 9 August each year, and in 2016 both the preview and main celebration shows held in the National Stadium saw the use of 98 pyrotechnic boxes each containing on average 14 individual fireworks. Each of the boxes was connected to ignition wires at 36 locations along side the stage and 26 along the sides of four ramps leading to the main stage. The remainder of the boxes were placed on the ground in front of the stage and also mounted to the roof of the stadium. For safety, the fireworks were all sited at least 5 m away from performers and 15 m from the nearest spectators. Fans around the stadium helped to disperse the smoke and fumes made by the fireworks. There were 1,372 fireworks mounted in total and this was a Guinness World Record for the Largest indoor fireworks display...

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