Snow in China destroyed fireworks factory and stopped the production.

Feb. 27, 2022

Dear readers, today SuperFireworks Co., LTD will tell you about the Production schedule of fireworks in 2022. 
Dozens of fireworks factories in Liuyang have started production, and fireworks factories in Jiangxi have also started production. 
However, there has been a lot of snow in Liuyang and Jiangxi these two days. 
This kind of heavy snow is rare in southern China. Many fireworks factories are not ready to deal with the heavy snow, and the wires in many places have been broken by the snow, The fireworks factories warehouses and road sheds of many factories were crushed. 
This sudden heavy snow has brought a certain degree of impact to various industries, especially the fireworks industry. 
Many fireworks factories need to rebuild factories and warehouses, and some products need to be redone due to the heavy snow. 
Moreover, this heavy snow will postpone the original commencement plan and slow down the fireworks production progress to a certain extent.
 The government and     fireworks factories are actively carrying out reconstruction work, In order to start fireworks production as soon as possible. 
Recently, the weather is bad, mostly cloudy and rainy, coupled with the sudden heavy snow weather, fireworks products such as sparklers and other fireworks with similar process cannot be produced. 
They can only be produced in sunny weather. 
If the humidity is too high or they are not dried, the quality of sparklers will be poor or nonflammable, so sparklers cannot be produced in the short term. 
In addition, the temperature rises, and the fireworks production efficiency will also be improved. 
SuperFireworks Co., LTD will continue to introduce the situation of China's fireworks business to readers. Stay informed with us !