Fireworks Festival in Moscow

Aug. 13, 2017

In 2017,August 19 and 20, Rostec fireworks Festival will be held in Moscow. With the support of Moscow government, this significant event will be held in the territory of the Brateyevo cascade park which possess wide water space of the Moskva River and a terrace of the coast from which it can perfectly watch the fireworks show.

This summer, we will attract guest by traditional fireworks making skill and creativity. Eight teams from Asia,Europe, and even from the southern American will take part in the competition, like Japanese Wakino Art Factory team from the city of Kitakisyu, Fire-event companies from the Austrian Hoenems, Romanian team , and the joint team of Sharm Holding and Pyroart Fireworks from Armenia and so on.

On Sunday evening , the team form St. Petersburg of Russia will show Pyrotechnic yards of Peterhof, and the team from fireworks home town – Liuyang of China will aslo have a wonderful presentation.

All the teams are skilled and professional teams, winners of many international fireworks competitions. The teams can organize tremendous scale shows for large actions, like special effects for movies by eminent directors and actors. Each team has 9 minute to present fireworks show and fight for the top three in the competition.The jury will judge the show by different aspects , like quality of synchronization with music, fireworks calibers and height, integrity of the show and so on. The ticket price is at least 400 rubles and child below 7 years old can accompany by adult to enter in the show free of charge.  About 200 thousand guests are expected to watch the show. At the same time, all kinds of entertainment programs and interesting activities will make the festival more charming.Various programs, magic shows and fireworks competition will make a lot of joy and  unforgettable to all the audience.We hope that the young festival will brighten up the Moscow summer as soon as possible!

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