Fireworks Shipment rules has changed

July 10, 2021

SuperFireworks Co., LTD again want to inform our readers about the last news from the fireworks industry.

Fireworks Business in China now has not very good time.
Production is closed, fireworks shipment from China to others countries almost stopped.
As no have enough empty containers - shipment lines Cosco and Maersk in first ship not dangerous goods.Fireworks ship in last , even for high price you dont have guarantee to ship.
Past the general difficult situation in the fireworks business – new rules for the production of fireworks and transportation are introduced every month.
For example, starting from July 01, 2021, any supplier of fireworks that sends goods to Europe or uses European ports (Rotterdam, Hamburg, Valencia, etc.) to deliver pyrotechnics from China to Russia and other countries is required to provide ADR or CE certificates for each product in the container.
What does this mean for manufacturers of pyrotechnics and importers?
The period of preparation of fireworks products for transportation is increasing.
If earlier it was possible to simply obtain Chinese export documents and bring the goods for loading, now this process is increased by at least one week, since test laboratories must study the chemical compositions for each article and register a unique ADR number.
If, upon arrival at a European port, local inspection authorities notice a discrepancy between the documents and the contents in the container, fireworks are not allowed to be transported across Europe and are returned to the port of China, and all costs are paid by the sender.
The labels and hazard classes for fireworks that are sent to the recipient through Europe must comply with the general general standard: in other words, all products with an explosive content of more than 5% of the total chemical composition are marked as 1.3 G.
The production of chemical compositions and registration of ADR numbers for fireworks must be paid separately by the importer, the cost depends on the number of articles in the container and the validity period of the ADR numbering.
The container route in Europe has also changed.
When sending goods to the port of St. Petersburg or Gdansk, a transfer through the territory of Belgium has become mandatory, which leads to additional costs for the importer of fireworks.
Stay with us and you will be aware of the situation on the fireworks market before anyone else!