The 2023 Canton Fair in Guangzhou

March 9, 2023

The spring session of China Import and Export Fair, also known as Canton Fair, is to be held from April 15 to May 5 in Guangzhou, China. Being the oldest, largest, and the most representative trade fair in China, it is often hailed as China’s No.1 Fair and the barometer of China’s foreign trade.

Since its inception in the spring of 1957 has the Canton Fair been successfully held for 132 sessions and established trade relations with more than 229 countries and regions around the world. The accumulated export volume has amounted to about USD 1.5 trillion and the total number of overseas buyers attending the Canton Fair onsite and online has reached 10 million.  During the upcoming 133rd session the number of offline exhibition booths is expected to increase from 60,000 to nearly 70,000. At present, the invitation has been sent to 950000 domestic and foreign buyers and 177 global partners.

Considering the above-mentioned facts, it is undoubtedly one of the most important business events of the year, so we at SuperFireworks Company would be glad to provide some information on the whereabouts of Guangzhou.

The venue is China Import and Export Fair Complex, also named Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center. It is the largest modernized exhibition center in Asia with 338,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space and 43,600 square meters of outdoor exhibition space. The address is: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou.

The registration and verification for overseas buyers is available now at the Canton Fair official website. (NB: a lot of information on the Canton Fair in different languages is available here).

We remind you that the Buyer Card (which is the only official admission to the Fair) is available not only at China Import and Export Fair Complex, but also at Overseas Buyers’ Registration Offices at 31 appointed hotels.

You can go from Hong Kong to Guangzhou by air, by train (from Hong Kong Hung Hom Station to Guangzhou East Station), by bus (goes from Hong Kong Airport about every 20 minutes from 8:00 to 20:00) and by ship (a ferry departs from Hong Kong Airport at 10:30, 15:20 and 18:40). In order to get to the Canton Fair complex you can take a bus, taxi or metro from Baiyun international airport Guangzhou.

The Guangzhou Metro is the most convenient and popular form of public transport. By subway, you can get to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, to the central Guangzhou Railway Station, as well as to the main attractions of Guangzhou. If you are planning to actively use subway, it is highly recommended to have an interactive ‘Explore Guangzhou Metro map’ app installed on your mobile device. When communicating with taxi drivers you should have an address written hieroglyphically instead of trying to speak English.

By the way, the Canton Fair offers a translation service for visitors. You can find a translator at the fairground's International Business Center. You can also find a professional translator at the entrance of the Canton Fair (they will be holding a banner there).

There are many hotels near the exhibition center with prices ranging from 300 to 600 RMB. Taking into consideration that the Canton Fair has always been overflowed with guests, it’s not always easy to book rooms in surrounding hotels, and prices will rise during the period. We recommend the following options:

  1. Poly World Trade Weifuton Apartment (Guangzhou Taweizhou Convention and Exhibition Center Shop) has its goal to provide the majority of guests with quality living experience. Tel: 13725129969.
  2. Yunman·XingYue Pa Zhou Apartment provides its guests with fresh air, and a panoramic view of the city. Tel: 18102719990.
  3. Lifu Hotel (Zhujiang New Town Tianhe Park Subway Station) is located near the beautiful Tianhe Park, across the river from Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, and close to Guangzhou-Kowloon Direct Railway Station. Tel: 020-85538388.
  4. Vienna 3 Best Hotel Guangzhou Guangzhou Tower is located in the west of Zhongshan Avenue, Tianhe District, withing walking distance to Tianhe Park, Trust-Mart Shopping Center, Line 5 Keyun Road station. Tel: 020-66600222-ext.0.
  5. Estay Residence-Poly World Trade Center Guangzhou apartment offers panoramic views of the river, and is located 2.5 km from Tianhe Park. Tel: 16620406168.

Guangzhou is the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine, the very one that is commonly associated with traditional Chinese throughout the world. Locals are proud of their "omnivorous": they eat insects and snakes, worms and snails, duck tongues and chicken feet. If you have the courage, you can try all this in any restaurant. At the same time Guangzhou has a lot of very good western restaurants, especially in Liede Residential district, and we highly recommend La Marina Restaurant Bar (11-17 Xing Sheng Road Xing Sheng Hui G20, Liede) which we personally have visited many times and always been charmed by its cuisine and hospitality of its owners.

You should also pay attention to such places as FLAMBÉ••Gastropub at No. 4, Chenyue Road; CIRCLE at Wanda Plaza at No. South 978, Guangzhou Avenue; The Happy Monk (Paxing store) at 118 Modiesha Street; and TASTY (Lefeng Plaza) at No.106-108 Gongye Avenue North.

Being the capital of commerce and trade, Guangzhou is an important clothing wholesale distribution center in the country, and there are many clothing wholesale markets worth visiting. The first is Baima (meaning White Horse) Clothing Wholesale Market next to Guangzhou Railway Station (address: No. 16, South Zhan Road, Yuexiu District). The second is the Guangzhou Shisanhang Clothing Wholesale Market (at Shisanhang Road, Liwan District), with five main markets and many small wholesalers and retail stores with prices not so high.

Guangzhou is very famous for its electronic products, and there are many large electronic and digital squares.

  1. Guangdong New Asia International Electronic & Digital City is located on 55 Xidier Road, Liwan District, across the road from the Nanfang Building International Electronic & Digital City. It is a large-scale electronic and digital business center, and it occupies an important position in the electronic and digital industry.
  2. Guangzhou Electronics City is a large electrical professional market, located in the downtown business section of Sai Er Road Guangzhou Cultural Park main entrance of the new exhibition center west of the first floor. It has a sales area of ​​6,000 square meters, with more than 300 independent shops.
  3. Zhongbai Electronics City is located at No. 16, Xidier Erma Road, Liwan District. It is connected with Dexing Electronics City, close to the exit of Inner Ring Road, and across the road from Guangzhou Cultural Park. This area is one of the most prosperous downtown areas in Guangzhou, with superior geographical environment and convenient transportation.

One should remember that Guangzhou is the third most important city in China after Beijing and Shanghai, one of the oldest cities in the world, founded in 862 BC, which has retained its rich history and unique flavor to this day. It is clear that the city has something worth seeing and admiring. The downtown hosts the famous Opera House, and the city library occupies a building of stunning architecture there as well. There’s also the Guangdong Provincial Museum with the largest number of collections and the richest categories in South China, with a total collection of about 320000 pieces, situated at No. 2, the Pearl River East Road, Tianhe District.

Speaking of museums, there’s also the Guangzhou Museum – the Number 1 museum in South China with 100 cultural relics selected in the exhibition to reflect the development and changes of Guangzhou city, including 43 precious cultural relics. (Address: No. 988, Jiefang North Road). Another place to see is the Guangzhou Art Museum with the functions of collection, research, exhibition, education and publicity of calligraphy and painting art. This large modern comprehensive art museum is situated at No.13, Luhu Road, Yuexiu District.

Among the sightseeings to grasp there’s the famous Five Goats Statue – the sign of Guangzhou and the origin of the name "Yangcheng" (one of the former names of the city). It is located in one of the largest and most picturesque parks in Guangzhou - Yuexiu. There is also one of the few five-story Zhenhai towers that has survived to this day, offering stunning views of the park.

Don't forget to take a look at the city from the top of Canton Tower, one of the highest in the world (almost 600 meters high). This TV-tower was opened specially for the Asian Winter Games of 2010, after which it became the main highlight and the most recognizable landmark of the city.

And last but not least. If you come to Guangzhou, you should also come to Liuyang city, which is the hometown of fireworks. It only takes less than three hours to get from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Changsha South Railway Station. And we will send a car to pick you up and take you to our Liuyang office to visit and show you the most beautiful fireworks in Liuyang. The address of our office is: No 5 Building, Lihua villa, Beizheng North Road, Liuyang City, Changsha, Hunan Province. (Please, don’t hesitate to contact us: +86 17708466288).

Welcome to China! Welcome to Guangzhou! Welcome to Liuyang!