The Art of Fireworks and Fireworks in Art. Chapter six

Oct. 11, 2022

The creative team of SuperFireworks Co., Ltd. continues "The Art of Fireworks and Fireworks in Art" series. In each issue of this series, we bring to your attention examples from various forms of art where pyrotechnics was mentioned or used.

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Cinematography: To Catch a Thief (1955)

To Catch a Thief is a 1955 American romantic thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The film drew mixed reviews from critics, with some enjoying the actors in the lead roles as well as the French Riviera setting, while others expressed disappointment at the lack of suspense compared to earlier Hitchcock films. While Hitchcock himself acknowledged this film as his creative failure, calling it a "lightweight story", it should be noted that the director's regular cinematographer Robert Burks won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. This scene features fireworks going on in the background as Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are making sparks of their own.


Literature: Anton Chekhov, Ivanov (1887)

Ivanov is a four-act drama by the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov. It was was first performed in 1887, when Fiodor Korsh, owner of the Korsh Theatre in Moscow, commissioned Chekhov to write a comedy. Chekhov, however, responded with a four-act drama, which he wrote in ten days. The first performance was not a success and the production disgusted Chekhov himself. In a letter to his brother, he wrote that he "did not recognise his first remarks as my own" and that the actors "do not know their parts and talk nonsense". Irritated by this failure, Chekhov made alterations to the play. Consequently, the final version is different from that first performance. After this revision, it was accepted to be performed in St. Petersburg in 1889. Chekhov's revised version was a success and offered a foretaste of the style and themes of his subsequent masterpieces.

The play is frequently produced in English and several translations are available.

Borkin: Ladies and gentlemen, why are you so glum? Sitting there like a jury after it's been sworn in! ... Let's think up something. What would you like? Forfeits, tug of war, catch, dancing, fireworks?”


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