How much will be shipping cost for fireworks in 2022?

Dec. 4, 2021

Good afternoon, dear friends!
Today SuperFireworks Co., LTD will share positive news about the delivery of fireworks from China.
The year 2021 will go down in history as the most expensive for importers of fireworks from China.
Due to the shortage of containers and congestion of transport companies, the cost of delivering fireworks from China by sea has increased by 3 times.
In some cases, the delivery price exceeded the cost of the goods.
This situation cannot suit importers of pyrotechnics from China because the profitability of the business tends to zero.
The profit of transport companies in 2021 increased a lot if compared to 2020.
Most of the profits were brought by the transportation of fireworks to European countries.
The cost of transporting a container with fireworks on the China - Europe route ranges from 35000-45000 USD.
Every year, the fireworks supplier enters into a contract with the transport company for a period of 1 year.
Transport companies assure that in 2022 the cost of delivery will not double in relation to the current one, however, there are no trends to lower rates either.
According to the optimization of loading processes in China, as well as the fight against the shortage of containers – in 2022, the volume of transportation of containers with fireworks will be increased by more than 15%.
SuperFireworks Co., LTD continues to monitor the progress of events and will keep you informed!