What's going on with fireworks shipment?

March 3, 2021

Dear friends!
Today SuperFireworks Co., LTD want to explain you all details about shipping cost situation.
Stay with us and you will know everything in first.
Since the second half year of 2020, shipping costs for containers with fireworks have risen and sea freight rates have skyrocketed. Foreign fireworks trade companies have been suffering a lot.
For a 40HQ container, the increase is more than $10000.
That's equivalent to nearly 65000 RMB.
And that's just the basic freight.
If only the freight is high, foreign fireworks trade companies can bear the rising freight together with the client.
The current situation is shipping space is not guaranteed, even if we have the shipping space, the basic means of transport for international trade: container is a problem, the lack of containers has become the normal problem in 2020 and 2021.
In March, China's export container rates will experience a new wave of  increases.
There are several reasons for the increase.
First of all the Spring Festival holiday is over, the enterprises and factories have been started to produce fireworks, so there are a large amount of export stock, the shipment demand after the new year will inevitably increase, so the shipping space is naturally tight up.
Secondly, the average shipping space utilization rate on the main routes is nearly 100%. 
Therefore, in the face of the shipping tide after the Chinese New Year, shipping companies have no way to provide more capacity to meet the demand.
On the other hand, the impact of the epidemic virus in Europe and the United States and the soaring demand for Chinese goods.
Since last October, the demand for "Made in China" products has been extremely high in Europe, but the epidemic situation in Europe is still severe. 
In particular, the rapid spread of the mutated virus in the UK has resulted in poor communication between European countries, which has had a great impact on the overall operation of the supply chain.
Although the epidemic in the United States has improved, it is difficult to contain the spread of the virus in a short period of time because of the large infected base in the United States.
In addition, recent snowstorms in the US have added to the country's already congested supply chain.
As a result of all this, demand for shipping space has exceeded supply, so the price increase in March was inevitable.
Anyway, 2021 is not going to be easy. 
Come on, shippers!