Fireworks prices raising every day!

May 14, 2021

On May 1, 2021, on Labor Day, fireworks manufacturers received a notification from raw material suppliers about the rise in prices for Strontium.
SuperFireworks Co., LTD today will tell you what happened and how it will affect the global fireworks arena.
The increase was more than three thousand yuan per 1 metric ton.
Since strontium is an indispensable element in the production of household pyrotechnics in China - at the same time, the average price for a ton of household fireworks soared.
Compared to September 2020, the price of household fireworks has increased by more than 50%.
The largest amount of strontium for the production of fireworks is imported to China from Iran.
2020 was marked by a difficult epidemiological situation, a shortage of containers, a jump in the dollar, as well as new US sanctions against Iran.
All this has led to a shortage of chemical raw materials around the world.
It is expected that the cost of raw materials will continue to rise, raising the prices for the production of fireworks in China.

In addition to the cost of strontium, the price of paper increased by more than 60%, the price of aluminum increased by more than 40%, the cost of potassium perchlorate increased by 20%, and from 10 to 40% for other materials.

In the near future, fireworks manufacturers in China expect a new increase in raw material prices, which will invariably lead to a critical increase in the purchase price for pyrotechnic suppliers around the world.
SuperFireworks continues to follow developments and will keep you updated!
Stay tuned!