Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair

Jan. 14, 2018

Good news! Good news! Come to buy fireworks in Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair.

What is about Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair?

More than 240 renowned brands from 18 countries and regions were featured at the Brand Name Gallery of the Toys & Games Fair.Many buyers were attracted by the wide variety of innovative toys and technology-infused games showcased at the Smart-Tech Toys zoneThe “World of Toys” pavilion, which featured mainly European exhibitors, returned for the 10th consecutive year to showcase new toys and games.2100 exhibitors from 45 countries and regions, and more than 49000 customers have entered the exhibition.

What fireworks sale on the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair?

Fireworks zone, which was debuted last year, returned with a range of consumer and professional fireworks. The fireworks from China make the fair more interesting and attractive. And it is a great fireworks festival for all fireworks fans.

Who is special in this pyro festival of Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair?

SuperFireworks Co., LTD , a wholesale fireworks company, which located in booth 3E-A27, has built a reputation as being the leading consumer fireworks company in quality, value and safety for 9 years.We carry the biggest and best fireworks with the greatest deals! From 500 Grams, Mortar kits, and Finales to Fountains, Rockets, and Sparklers, we have a wide variety of fireworks, novelties, and celebration items that can provide the right excitement for any holiday, wedding, birthday, or special event.

What is the highlight of fireworks products?

It is worth mentioning that the fireworks products” “Big bang life” that come from SuperFireworks Co., LTD  was selected as a popular product for the cover of the magazine.


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