The 31st Macau International Fireworks Display Contest: round 4 (teams China and Portugal)

Nov. 16, 2023

Today SuperFireworks Co., Ltd. will tell you about the fourth round of the 31st Macau International Fireworks Competition, which took place on October 1, 2023.

That evening, two teams showed their mastery of pyrotechnics to the audience. The Chinese Hunan Celebration Fireworks Group Company Ltd presented the theme “Ode to Fireworks”, and pyrotechnics from a Portuguese Macedos Pirotecnia, Lda made a show under the theme “Supernova”.

By the way, Macedos Pirotecnia is a company with almost a century-long history and it participated in the competition for the fifth time, having won the 12th edition in 2000. Their Chinese counterparts repeated this achievement in 2014; in addition, they won the 1st Place in Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Contest in 2014 and the 2nd Place in Timmins International Fireworks Competition and Music Festival in Canada in 2018. It is not surprising that the performances of such eminent teams were excellent and brought great pleasure to the most discerning fireworks lovers.

…Stay tuned with SuperFireworks Company and we will definitely tell you everything about the last round of the 31st Macau International Fireworks Competition!