SuperFireworks Corp. welcomes you to visit the pyrotechnic show!

Dec. 16, 2018

Dear friends,

        SuperFireworks Corp. welcomes you to visit the pyrotechnic show of new consumer and professional fireworks in the world capital of pyrotechnics - Liuyang City, Hunan Province, China. From January, 10 to January, 26 .

        We do fireworks business already so many years. Our company office is located in Liuyang city, the fireworks capital. We have our own manufacture and design studio. Meanwhile, we are also cooperating with many different kind of manufactures and printing factories.

        We have many experiences not only with the consumer fireworks, but also the professional fireworks. We export more than 300 containers for all over the world, such as USA market, Europe market and Asia market.

        We also arrange many musical fireworks display show in China. We understand very well about the special requirement of each market.

        Our team has many good talent workers. We speak English and French language. We always think about affairs from customer's position, and we can give the best service for clients.

         In 2019 year, our company want to make productions for USA and CE market in the first position. Because our factories can make different level of the goods in this market. Fireworks for us is not only consumer goods, but also the artwork.


         Let's design your own products and we will keep secret for them. You can use your own logo and label. We will make demo show first before ordered. Now we also have many good items which we already designed for this market, please check link :  for USA market ! for CE !


          If you are interested or you have any questions, please contact with us. We would like to work with you in 24 hours! Best wishes to you!


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