Fireworks Fun Facts #7

June 27, 2022

The SuperFireworks Co., Ltd. team keeps sharing fantastic facts from the world of fireworks and pyrotechnics within our FFF series!

…We are all accustomed to fireworks being launched from ground stations or buildings. But there was a man who has once made a creative breakthrough and literally exploded into the record books after launching 642 fireworks from his body. On 13 June 2014 in Grenoble Frenchman Laurent Nat achieved the Most fireworks launched from a pyrotechnics suit record.

He has been a pyrotechnics artist and performer for 10 years before his record-breaking attempt. The costume was made out of 100% cotton, to reduce the risk of fire spreading, and took a week to design and build. The brave man had to stand on stilts for the performance, so that he could set off fireworks in all directions. It took him about nine months to get in shape and make this record happen.

People could get scared when they watch the show, but mostly they're amazed. We hope you will be amazed as well watching the video about Laurent Nat: The Human Firework!..

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