Fireworks Production Stopped for Two Months?

June 3, 2021

All of you already heard this news from other fireworks suppliers in China, but SuperFireworks Team want to explain you more detailed, what’s happened and how to do:

Two days ago every fireworks company in Liuyang received news from fireworks government:

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, all fireworks enterprises began to stop pyro production in high temperature season on 20th June!

According to the decision of Liuyang Municipal Safety Authority Office and the Municipal Emergency Response Bureau, fireworks and firecracker enterprises will stop pyro production in an orderly manner according to their production categories and drug-related procedures.

Steps and schedule of fireworks production in China stoppage:

1.    Black powder and ignition line production enterprises: Black powder production enterprises will stop the two-flavor ball grinding and three-flavor ball grinding processes from 18:00 on 15th June, and stop all the processes from 18:00 on 17th June. The fireworks production enterprises of the ignition line will stop the operation of powder mixing and primer making at 18:00 on 15th June, and stop all the operation at 18:00 on 17th June.
2.    Firecracker production enterprises: stop inserting and leading the empty cylinder from 18:00 on 15th June, stop mechanical charging from 18:00 on 16th June, and stop all the pyro working procedures from 18:00 on 19th June.
3.    Fireworks production enterprises: stop making pearls, pressing post, pressing whistle and other procedures related to powders at 18:00 on 14th June, and stop putting fireworks effect powders into the tubes since 18:00 on 16th June.All working fireworks procedures will be stopped from 18:00 on 19th June.
4.    From 18:00 on 19th June to 24:00 on 31th August, all fireworks and crackers production enterprises shall not produce any pyro work procedures. (If there is any adjustment, further notice will be given.

Relevant pyrotechnical work requirements before and during the production stop of the fireworks manufacturer:

1. Reasonably arrange the fireworks production plan of the enterprise, formulate the work plan for stopping fireworks production, and make preparations for stopping production. It is strictly prohibited for the enterprise to exceed fireworks production capacity and overload to catch up with the production period, so as to ensure that the powders and raw materials are consumed in time and the fireworks storage requirements are met when stopping pyros production.
2. Comprehensive investigation and elimination of various hidden dangers. Emphasis should be placed on the comprehensive cleaning of drugs in drug-related workshops, hazardous wastes, general fireworks warehouses and transit warehouses to ensure that there are no drugs and semi-finished fireworks in each production workshop and transit warehouses.
3. Effectively strengthen on-duty and key position inspection. Special personnel should be arranged to stay behind to ensure that fireworks products and medicines do not lose or be stolen. Once an emergency occurs, they can be dealt with efficiently and timely.
4. Carrying out the rectification work of the warehouse to meet the fireworks standards.
5. Actively carry out the cleaning of fire isolation area, and do a good job in the maintenance and overhaul of electrical circuits and mechanical equipment.

SuperFireworks Co., LTD hopes that you have goods on the warehouse and your fireworks supplier from China can finish your fireworks before June 20th.