Fireworks Factories Only Produce Half a Day?

Dec. 22, 2021

Dear friends, today SuperFireworks Co.,LTD will share the latest news about fireworks production from China. 
As 2021 draws to a close, with over a month to go before the Chinese New Year, fireworks factories in Liuyang are working hard to produce fireworks. 
In the meantime, the city government has tightened regulations. 
In order to ensure fireworks safe and orderly production, Liuyang government has made a stipulation that on condition that the humidity in the air is below 40 degrees, fireworks factories are required to suspend production. 
Due to dry weather in winter, the reduction of moisture in the air is likely to lead to electrostatic spark ignition of some flammable objects and explosion, as there are already some fireworks factories that had such accidents.
 At present, every factory is allow to produce fireworks products only half a day in a day, which puts limitations to its capacity. 
Due to the risks involved in the production of fireworks, the government's control on the industry will only become stricter in the future and the production capacity will be more limited. 
And factories are to rely more on sales determined by production.
 It is suggested that sales companies confirm the order early so as to receive the goods as soon as possible. 
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