UK’s Firework Champions 2023: Arley Hall edition

Aug. 29, 2023

Thanks to the ongoing Firework Champions – the UK's leading firework competition – SuperFireworks Co., Ltd. continues the acquaintance tour through England’s history and architecture!

Arley Hall is a country house in the village of Arley, Cheshire, England. The house is a Grade II listed building, as are its adjacent Gothic chapel and formal gardens to the southwest of the hall. (In the United Kingdom a listed building is a structure of particular architectural and/or historic interest deserving of special protection). The hall was built between 1832 and 1845, in a style which has become known as Jacobethan, copying elements of Elizabethan architecture. The present gardens were created in the 1830s, and were developed during the 20th century. The garden's herbaceous border (which is a collection of perennial herbaceous plants arranged closely together, usually to create a dramatic effect through colour, shape or large scale) was the first of its type in England.

Arley Hall is used as a location for filming and for photoshoots, and on 12th of August it was used as the second of the seven sets of fabulous firework displays for Firework Champions 2023. We welcome our readers to enjoy the videos of firework displays of that beautiful night – Star Fireworks , Atom Fireworks , Blitz Fireworks and  Bright Sparks Fireworks – and will surely keep you informed with the details of the next events!

Stay tuned and stay super with SuperFireworks Company!