Fireworks Shipment inside of China

May 31, 2021

Dear fireworks friends!
Today SuperFireworks Co., LTD explain to you about shipment processes inside of China.
First we will explain all the situation about  fireworks shipping form Huayang -  Chinese transport company who took a charge for the fireworks export.
We take one container for example. 
If all the fireworks are made in Hunan province (Liuyang and Liling). We can only load the fireworks in Liuyang HY warehouse..
The truck only go to two factories to load with the same direction.
If those two fireworks factories are not at the same direction there will be extra detour fee.
How much depends on the distance between the two factories.
If the fireworks produced by more than two factories in one container, then the third factory, the fourth factory will be charged an extra cost.
If there are too many factories, Huayang will refuse to send out their truck. 
They will ask us to arrange the special car to load fireworks.
Usually when we load fireworks containers in Liuyang warehouse, we ask HY’s truck go to two locations in the same direction, and then arrange the special car to load the rest by ourselves.
In this way it is much cheaper.
The second case is that if more than 30% of fireworks produced by Jiangxi factory , then we must load container in Jiangxi HY warehouse. 
If in one container less then 30% of Jiangxi fireworks - it doesn't mean we can load in Liuyang. 
In this situation means we cannot load goods at all, no matter in Liuyang or in Jiangxi. 
The truck only pick up the empty container from Liuyang HY , go to Jiangxi HY warehouse, then go back to Liuyang HY after finish loading. That means when the truck arrived at Jiangxi HY warehouse, all the goods were already there sent by our own special car.
HY won’t allow the cars go to two or three factories because when we load fireworks in Jiangxi - we should finish loading in one day, with Jiangxi Chinese customs checked at the same time. 
If we ask HY to send car to another two or three fireworks factory - then the car can’t arrive Jianxi HY in time. 
if all goods cannot finish loading before 17:30, the customs officer will off work and means this container should be stay in HY warehouse for one night and the container can only be loaded after the officers checked tomorrow.
So HY will ask to pay extra cost for you took their car stay one more night. 
Even only going to one place there is no guarantee of getting there in time. 
Above all if we load in Jiangxi - we always order special car by ourselves. If we order car by ourselves  we will guarantee that on that day we can finish loading goods with Chinese custom together.
So if your supplier gives you additional invoice on the truckes – please note that it is not because he want to cheat you.
If you still have a question – please contact SuperFireworks managers for additional information!