Fireworks Factory Shut Down in Heavy Snow

Dec. 28, 2021

This is SuperFireworks Co., LTD. Let's get the latest fireworks news from Liuyang China. Recently, Liuyang has ushered in the first snow since 2018. Heavy snow has put on new clothes for Christmas and the coming new year.

People and firework workers seem to have come to a quiet realm and come to a glittering and translucent fairy tale world. At the same time, Due to the low temperature and road is icy, the whole fireworks factory ,primary and secondary schools in Liuyang will have a holiday from December 27.
The specific resumption time is uncertain. 
ow the weather is cold, the production progress of the factory has slowed down, and the holiday has further reduced the production capacity. 
Fireworks factories located in the mountains.
Ice on the road can’t guarantee safety transportation for workers and products.
Now production stopped for unknown time.
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