Tomb Sweeping Day and vacation in the fireworks production

April 3, 2021

Tomb-sweeping Day is a traditional festival of China.It’s also called Qingming festival.

It is on April 4th-6th in every year.
In ancient times, people celebrated Qing Ming festival with dancing, singing, picnics, and kite flying.

Colored boiled eggs would be broken to symbolize the opening of life.

In the capital, the Emperor would plant trees on the palace grounds to celebrate the renewing nature of spring.
With the passing of time, this celebration of life became a day to the honor past ancestors. People will go back to their home town no matter where they are.Because of Chinese cultures great influence,people believe that if the spirits of their ancestors are happy and peaceful in heaven,they will protect and give influence to their descendant like,wealth,health and a happy family,so a really basic way of making your ancestors happy is to clean their tomb,burn some money to them and remember them.

Qingming festival is not only a solemn festival to sweep the grave and worship the ancestors, but also a happy festival for people to get close to nature, take a trip and enjoy spring fun. 

The employees in China of Superfireworks company will also have a small holiday and they will back to work on next Tuesday.
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