Liuyang Fireworks Festival 2021

May 1, 2021

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The 15th International Fireworks Festival will be hold in October in Liuyang. 
Every time the fireworks festival is set off in the fireworks viewing platform.
Fireworks viewing platform it’s an important place for Liuyang to hold major activities and display the image of "the hometown of fireworks" .
The existing fireworks viewing platform was built in 2003, but the supporting functions have been unable to meet the requirements of high quality development.
This year, the construction project has been started to cooperate with the construction of "one river and two sides" to improve the functions.

The quality improvement project includes the construction of new steel structure ETFE roof, the original grandstand entrance and the new earthen garage, and the surrounding environment improvement project. Based on the current situation of the site, the revamped viewing platform will be divided into five functional areas according to the needs of the crowd.

The project is currently undergoing demolition of the original structure and pile foundation construction, pile foundation works have been completed 50%, demolition works have been completed 30%. And it is expected to be completed on September 20th.
 Looking forward to the fireworks viewing platform after the transformation and even more excited about the fireworks festival this year.
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