High risk fireworks list was changed

July 25, 2021

As our readers are well aware, in September 2020, a decree was issued in China, according to which fireworks falling into the "high risk" group must pass a test in a special laboratory before loading and provide a commission's opinion before sending.
Since August 15, 2021, the list of fireworks that fall into the "high-risk group" is changing.
High-risk fireworks will now be considered:
1. Professional shells and cylinders with a diameter or length of more than 50 mm, the weight of powder is more than 60 grams, the percentage of explosive powder is from 2%
2. Festival balls and cylinders with a diameter or length of more than 30 mm, the weight of powder above 25 g, the percentage of explosive substance-from 5 %
3. Single shots and mines with a weight of powder in 1 shot more than 25 g and a percentage of explosive substance-from 5%
4. Rockets with a powder weight of more than 20 g
5. Roman candles with an internal pipe diameter of 30 mm or more
6. Firecrackers

If last year, when forming the list of high-risk fireworks, the commission took into account first of all the large diameters of internal pipes, this year the focus will be on the weight of gunpowder and the content of explosives inside the fireworks.
Thus, all the usual batteries of fireworks for the Russian market automatically fall into the "high-risk goods", since the percentage of explosives exceeds 5%.
Also, all large fireworks, such as fireworks batteries, Roman candles, festival balls, etc–, are classified as 1.3 G goods .
What does it mean for us that the product falls into the risk group? - Plus to the cost of shipping the container, since it is necessary to conduct additional tests before sending.
The exact cost of fireworks suppliers from China from July 31, 2021 will be received after loading the container.

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