#27595 Inverter System

#27595 Inverter  System
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Manufacturer: SNK
#27595 Inverter  System
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Manufacturer: SNK
#27595 Inverter  System
#27595 Inverter  System
Price, FOB: 515.43$
Packing: 6/1
Pieces in box: 6
Price per item: 85.90$


Inverter System/Water pump inverter
Product Introduction
AD series Variable frequency constant pressure water supply system The industry-leading PWM pulse width modulation technology,using VVVF frequency conversion variable pressure control mode,and combined with a pressure sensing technology .it can adjust the motor speed in real time through real-time monitoring of pipe network pressure changes, so as to realize the control mode of the outlet pressure constant ,also achieved the purpose of saving water and electricity.
Application Range
It can apply to life,production water supply for various types of high-rise buildings , such as water plants, restaurants, hotels, residential areas etc.


  • Shipping pieces 6
  • Packing 6/1
  • Volume, m³ 0.085
  • Carton weight (kg) 18.5
  • Manufacturer code SNK
  • Minimal Qty 1
  • Form of item Rectangle prism
  • Length 296
  • Width 256
  • Height 141

Factory: SuperFireworks Co. Ltd

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