#27001 Compressor

#27001 Compressor
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Price, FOB: 16.82$
Packing: 1/1
Pieces in box: 1
Price per item: 16.82$



"Voltage: 12 volts (DC)
High pressure: 150PSI
【 Configuration 】: 3-meter power cord with battery clamp and telescopic air pipe with air pressure gauge
【 Packaging 】: Color box+handbag
【 Size 】: 30X10X20 cm (measured manually)
Gross weight: 3.7KG
Product Description:
1. This machine is suitable for all 12V car tires, especially for larger tires such as 4x4, medium buses, trucks weighing less than 2 tons, sedans, etc., with high air volume and fast inflation.
2. It is also suitable for motorcycles, bicycles, ball games, rubber boats, beach floating beds, inflatable toys, and so on.
3. When working on highways, in the wilderness, or in the morning, if a tire suddenly leaks or gets an injection, it can be more effective for emergency treatment.
4. Maintaining the correct tire pressure on car tires can ensure driving and save gasoline. It can be used with the car, just in case, and has endless benefits.
5. Equipped with a complete set of inflation nozzles, it can be used to inflate tires, rubber boats, air cushions, inflatable toys, balls, and other various purposes."


  • Shipping pieces 1
  • Packing 1/1
  • Volume, m³ 0.016
  • Carton weight (kg) 3.7
  • Manufacturer code TYL
  • Minimal Qty 1

Factory: SuperFireworks Co. Ltd

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