#25909 Cakes 57x1.0"/120x1.2" 177 shots

Uploaded at April 11, 2022

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Manufacturer: SLT
#25909 Cakes 57x1.0"/120x1.2" 177 shots
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Manufacturer: SLT
#25909 Cakes 57x1.0"/120x1.2" 177 shots
#25909 Cakes 57x1.0"/120x1.2" 177 shots
Price, FOB: 38.24$*
Packing: 1/1
Pieces in box: 1
Price per item: 38.24$
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first part of cake
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  • Caliber tubing (D1), inches 1.0
  • Shots quantity (D1) 57
  • Outer tube size (D1), mm 30
  • Inner tube size (D1), mm 25
  • Tube Height (D1), mm 225
  • Additional caliber tubing (D2, for combined cakes), inches 1.2
  • Shots quantity (D2, for combined cakes) 120
  • Outer tube size (D2, for combined cakes), mm 36
  • Inner tube size (D2, for combined cakes), mm 30
  • Tube Height (D2, for combined cakes), mm 225
  • Powder weight in one product, g 3200.0
  • Shooting method I, V, FAN
  • Item size Rectangle prism 940x570x225
  • Effect duration, s 340
  • Shipping pieces 1
  • Packing 1/1
  • Volume, m³ 0.065
  • Carton weight (kg) 20.45
  • Hazard class according to ADR 1.3G
  • Presence of the CE certificate No
  • Manufacturer code SSY
  • Minimal Qty 100
  • Form of item Rectangle prism
  • Length 940
  • Width 570
  • Height 225

Factory: SuperFireworks Co. Ltd

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