#23597 Cakes 228x1.2"/60x2.0" 288 shots

Uploaded at July 25, 2019

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Manufacturer: XCH
#23597 Cakes 228x1.2"/60x2.0" 288 shots
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#23597 Cakes 228x1.2"/60x2.0" 288 shots
#23597 Cakes 228x1.2"/60x2.0" 288 shots
Price, FOB: 634.88$*
Packing: 1/1
Pieces in box: 1
Price per item: 634.88$
* The old price! To check with the factory!


Row 1: Alternating; Brocade mine to blue tail to brocade crown, Brocade mine to silver whistling tail to strong titanium salute ( Fan shape 30 mm )
Row 2: Red strobe mine to brocade tail to dark red strobe peony with brocade crown ( 30 mm i shape)
Row 3: Multicolour mine to multicolour(blood red, sky blue, sea blue, violet) pearls with corolla palm (30mm i shape)
Row 4: Alternating: Golden rain tail to Blue glitter to Red+Green pearls with golden palm , Red tail to Ti-golden palm & green glitter (50 mm i shape)
Row 5: Blue mine to brocade tail to strong titanium salute (30 mm fan shape)
Row 6: Golden mine brocade tail to blue dahlia with big gold palm (30 mm i shape)
Row 7: Purple mine to brocade tail to Purple dahlia with Big gold palm (30mm i shape)
Row 8: Alternating: Red tail to Blood red strobe with corolla palm, Red tail to green strobe with corolla palm. (50mm i shape)
Row 9: Green mine, Big gold rain tail to Big gold palm + White strobe to multicolour stars, Gold rain tail to golden coconut rain with blue strobe pearls. ( 30 mm fan shape)
Row 10: Corolla mine to alternating color tails to Corolla palm with multicolor tips (30 mm i shape)
Row 11-12 Blue mine to Brocade tail to Blue and purple peony with Brocade crown king 2 x ( 30 mm fan shape )
Row 13: Alternating: Big gold tail to Red peony with big gold palm, Corolla tail to corolla palm with multicolor tips (50 mm i shape)
Row 14: silver brocade mine to green glittering tail to strong titanium salute (30 mm fan shape )
Row 15-16: Gold rain tail to Golden coconut rain with green strobe/ Gold rain tail to Golden coconut rain with Red strobe (30mm fan shape) 2 x
Row 17: Alternating: Silver brocade tail to green peony with big brocade crown, brocade tail to purple peony with golden palm (50mm i shape)
Row 18-20: Alternating : Green glittering tail to titanium salute, Big gold tail to big golden coconut rain with red and green strobe (30mm i shape)
Row 21: Brocade tail to Red glittering peony to Brocade crown (50mm i shape)
Row 22-23: Silver whistling tail to titanium salute with red glittering mine (2 x fan shape 30 mm)
Row 24: Alternating: Brocade tail to titanium Salute, Brocade tail to big brocade Crown (50mm i shape)


  • Caliber tubing (D1), inches 1.2
  • Shots quantity (D1) 228
  • Additional caliber tubing (D2, for combined cakes), inches 2.0
  • Shots quantity (D2, for combined cakes) 60
  • Powder weight in one product, g 6200.0
  • Shooting method I, FAN, Z, X, W
  • Item size Rectangle prism 970x585x225
  • Effect duration, s 190
  • Shipping pieces 1
  • Packing 1/1
  • Volume, m³ 0.14
  • Carton weight (kg) 51.5
  • Hazard class according to ADR 1.4G
  • Presence of the CE certificate Yes
  • Manufacturer code XCH
  • Minimal Qty 100
  • Form of item Rectangle prism
  • Length 970
  • Width 585
  • Height 225

Factory: SuperFireworks Co. Ltd

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