#23443 Cakes 200x0.8" 200 shots

Uploaded at April 8, 2019

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Manufacturer: HTZ
#23443 Cakes 200x0.8" 200 shots
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Manufacturer: HTZ
#23443 Cakes 200x0.8" 200 shots
#23443 Cakes 200x0.8" 200 shots
Price, FOB: 32.41$
Packing: 2/1
Pieces in box: 2
Price per item: 16.21$
Price per shot: 0.08$


red tail to red green with white glittering; green tail to green wave with crackling; green tail to golden chrys.; red pearls with green glittering;green tail to golden willow with red glittering; red tail to red wave with crackling; silver spinner; silver spinner with whistle;golden crackling; red tail to golden willow to white glittering;green tail to red green yellow palm; red tail to brocade with blue pearls;green tail to green wave with crackling;red tail to brocade with red glittering; green tail to red wave with crackling; red tail to silver chrys.


  • Caliber tubing (D1), inches 0.8
  • Shots quantity (D1) 200
  • Outer tube size (D1), mm 24
  • Inner tube size (D1), mm 20
  • Tube Height (D1), mm 120
  • Powder weight in one product, g 1500.0
  • Shooting method I, FAN
  • Item size Rectangle prism 490x285x120
  • Effect duration, s 74
  • Shipping pieces 2
  • Packing 2/1
  • Carton weight (kg) 15.0
  • Hazard class according to ADR 1.4G
  • Presence of the CE certificate Yes
  • Manufacturer code HTZ
  • Minimal Qty 100
  • Form of item Rectangle prism
  • Length 490
  • Width 285
  • Height 120

Factory: SuperFireworks Co. Ltd

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