Fireworks production in China is re opened now?

16 de Fevereiro de 2022

Dear Friends, Yesterday is Chinese Lantern Festival, after that means Chinese spring festival already end. 
Today SuperFireworks LTD will inform you our fireworks factories how to prepare for resuming fireworks production.

SuperFireworks Co., LTD have cooperated many fireworks factories which located in two provinces- Jiangxi and Hunan.  
Different provinces has different government policy for the working resumption. 
Area Wanzai belongs to Jiangxi province already have started working. 
Other areas of the fireworks factories are still waiting. 

First, fireworks manufacturers should check their own factories very carefully, and prepare all the documents which can prove that 
their fireworks production without any working problems and all get ready to back work. 
Second, when government all checked provided paper work, they will go to factory to check again, and double confirm fireworks suppliers really achieve the requirements of resumption.
If government can find any small problem about the safety - fireworks manufacturer lose his license for forever
In last three months already more than 300 factories are closed because of the safety reasons.
This situation is making many inconviniences for the whole fireworks world, as orders going bigger and bigger every year, but factories qty reduced.
Fireworks factory finally haven't enough time to finish even current orders from the 2021.
For example, USA market placed in total bigger order than in the last year in 1,5 times.
After factories get permission for resuming  production of fireworks, they will immediately tell the resumption news to SuperFireworks Team. 
The last, SuperFireworks Team will go to each factory to remind all the orders which we ordered before, and to make sure all the goods are finished in time.

Around 20th Feb the whole fireworks industry will fully resume production.

SuperFireworks LTD will try our best to guarantee all our clients production will finish in time and with best quality! Please follow us, SuperFireworks LTD will surprise you in 2022 year!