Fireworks and COVID-19 - current situation in China

14 de Agosto de 2021

Today, SuperFireworks Co., LTD will tell readers about the situation with the coronavirus in Leung: how the new outbreak will affect deliveries and production.

In July 2021, China faced a new outbreak of coronavirus among the population.

A plane from Russia landed at the Nanjing airport.

On board the aircraft, 18 cases of infection with a new strain of COVID-19 - Delta were detected.

The passengers were Chinese residents who were returning to their country.

The airport staff was negligent during cleaning and did not use protective equipment, so the airport employees were the first to get sick.

Then the virus spread throughout China, but the largest outbreak was recorded in Hunan Province, where the entire world production of fireworks is concentrated.

At the moment, the outbreak of COVID-19 in the production of pyrotechnics in China is not reflected strongly enough, since the factories are on vacation until August 31

However, if the incidence rate continues to grow and the government is unable to solve the problem by the end of the month, the stop of fireworks production in China may last for several more weeks.

If the incidence of the virus is high, suppliers must pass a commission and obtain a certificate that the workplaces at the factory meet the requirements of COVID-safety before resuming the production of fireworks.

Adding to this information, the traditional holidays in October are due to the National Day of the Communist Party - the production of fireworks in China will increase only by October 10.

There are also likely problems with the delivery of fireworks from China.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, work in the port of Ningbo has been paralyzed.

If a similar situation occurs in Shanghai , we can expect a stop of sending pyrotechnics by sea from China for at least 14 days.

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