CIQ rules have changed

12 de Março de 2021

SuperFireworks Co., LTD today explain you abot the changes in fireworks quality control in China.
Before if supplier want to ship ready fireworks from China - he need apply to CIQ government for test of all products.
Now, from March 1st, 2021 these rules were changed.
When factory finish production - supplier must to inform shipping agency and custom, provide full list of finished goods and book container.
Custom ad testing company will arrange the test by themselve.
They can test one article of all products in container, or every article.
If one container have different goods from different fireworks suppliers - custom will test at least one article from every supplier
If on the test found out that products were produced not accroding chinese safety standarts of fireworks production and shipment - all articles from supplier can'be load in container.
From the first moment you can think that now to load goods become faster, but actually for fireworks suppleirs that's mean that have to control more strictly than usual.
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