The power cuts have made the fireworks industry worse!

10 de Outubro de 2021

Since October, many places of China has announced that it will start rationing electricity to manufacturing enterprise because of energy shortages. That means when factories want to produce fireworks but there is no electricity, so they have to stop production pyro.
This lead to a very serious problem. When fireworks factories produce less, the demand will exceeds supply, the prices for all fireworks raw materials and finished goods will raising. The most frequent notice our superfireworks company has received recently is that the factories demand to raise the prices on the pyro.
Not only the price is rising, but fireworks factories are also struggling to buy raw materials. Many fireworks raw materials are not available even for 100% prepayment. Without raw materials, all pyro production processes can not continue.
The delivery time of color boxes、labels and transportboxes has also been seriously delayed due to the power cuts. The delay is three times as long as usual . 
Fireworks relevant factories all hope the power cuts won't last long.And Fireworks production can run more smoothly!
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