The third Hunan Innovation Summit Fireworks Show

24 de Setembro de 2020

This summit (forum), with the theme of "Science and Technology Innovation Promoting the Building of a Well-off Society in an All-round Way", aims to better summarize the significance of technological innovation and promotion and supporting the industrial upgrading and economic transformation of our province

2020.9.20 8pm, the city fireworks show hold on the beautiful Liuyang River as “the third Hunan Innovation Summit’’.

The theme party of the evening city fireworks show was presented by Liuyang Yinyang City Fireworks, using the method of "fireworks with music rhythm"
At the party, the fireworks show includes both uniquely shaped shelf fireworks and high-tech aerial special effects; both international trendy 3D fireworks and strong rhythmic candlelight bouquets. The five-pointed star of special effects fireworks "Red Heart" is shining; when the windmill is lit, it rotates at high speed like a hot wheel; the "Silver Waterfall" slowly cascades and looks like a galaxy; the bicycle "moves" .

At the end of the firework show "Smart China", red, green, gold, blue, purple... Thousands of fireworks of various colors were set off in full bloom, clusters of fireworks staggered into the sky, with a crackling, making the scene The audience was immersed in excitement and joy for a long time.

This year's theme reflects an innovation of the creative Liuyang fireworks, as well as an exploration of the integration of culture and tourism. SuperFireworks will takes you to more fireworks show.