2020 Liuyang Fireworks conference is coming

8 de Setembro de 2020

The 2020 Liuyang Fireworks conference will be held on the Liuyang River during the National Day Golden Week.

On the morning of September 2nd, Liuyang held the first work scheduling meeting of the 2020 Liuyang Fireworks Conference. This conference is hosted by the Liuyang Municipal People’s Government. The event will take the form of fireworks + literature + commerce + cultural tourism, highlighting innovation and participation , Interactivity, experience and entertainment, through somatosensory interaction and holographic projection, let the audience get a beautiful enjoyment from ear to eye to heart.

The Liuyang Fireworks Conference has been held since 2018. This year is the third year. As an international fireworks event focused on the Liuyang fireworks industry, Liuyang is currently vigorously promoting the transformation and upgrading of the fireworks industry and reforms. The fireworks conference will effectively promote Enhance the confidence of the industry to respond to changes in domestic and foreign markets.

In this fireworks conference, Liuyang will fully display the city image of "Yihe Poems and Paintings, Full City Fireworks", and further promote the integration of fireworks + cultural tourism.

SuperFireworks Co., LTD join this festival and show to our readers all the best moments!