24-hour online Fireworks supervision during high temperature

20 de Agosto de 2020

During high temperature for fireworks production in China discontinued state. The pyrotechnics government implements 24-hour online supervision through the video surveillance system of fireworks and firecrackers enterprises.

At present, all 549 fireworks and firecracker manufacturers in the city are networked and integrated into the city-level master control platform. The original on-site pyro inspection mode has been changed to a combined on-site inspection and online supervision mode.

The city-level master control platform arranges 6 full-time personnel on duty 24 hours a day, randomly selects fireworks companies to conduct online inspections, and immediately takes a screenshot and locks the card after discovering potential safety hazards, and dispatches the problem to the municipal fireworks and firecracker monitoring team or the township (street) for emergency response Office (Safety Supervision Station), requiring 3 days to verify the actual situation and cancel the number.

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