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5 de Dezembro de 2020

Shanghai fireworks Transportation Association for foreign trade

Notice on resuming export business of fireworks and firecrackers at Shanghai Port

Shanghai fireworks Association [2020] No.15


In order to ensure the safety, excellence and effectiveness of the third China International Import Expo, IThe third China International Import Expo has been successfully concluded. In order to resume the export business of fireworks and firecrackers at Shanghai port as soon as possible, our association team of four people to investigate, exchange and communicate with each other in the origin of fireworks and firecrackers,In order to ensure the safe operation of Shanghai City, the local government and relevant administrative departments are required to support and cooperate with the corresponding safety control measures taken by Shanghai port .Considering the production place of fireworksAfter studying the strong voice of enterprises and relevant departments and the requirements of government departments at all levels, this dayWe will resume the export of fireworks and firecrackers at Shanghai port, but we need to cooperate with the following work.

1. Shanghai dongmai maritime consulting service Co., Ltd., a third-party container loading supervision organization recognized by the China Council, has done a good job in container loading supervision, and achieved the standardization of packing and the conformity of cargo certificate,It is strictly forbidden to pack and ship fireworks packages that do not match or have doubts.

2."Hunan ruigao Quality Inspection Technical Service Co., Ltd." designated by the third party transportation level confirmation organization of the Council for the supervision and loading of foreign trade fireworks and firecrackers containers (2020 Edition)Before entering the public supervised loading warehouse, the "high-risk" fireworks and firecrackers specified in the "high-risk" category shall be confirmed strictly to eliminate potential transportation safety hazards and avoid international rectification.

3.All transport units should strengthen the management and control of transportation safety, and the operation safety responsibility of transport vehicles and ships should be assigned to people.

4、 We should work together to build a community with a shared future for foreign trade fireworks, and jointly safeguard the safety, smoothness, efficiency and sustainability of fireworks export channels at Shanghai port.

It is hereby notified.

Shanghai fireworks and firecrackers foreign trade Transport Association December 4, 2020

CC: Municipal Transportation Committee, Shanghai Customs (supervision department), Shanghai Maritime Administration (dangerous Prevention Department), Shanghai port and shipping development center, Shanggang group; governments of Changsha City, Liuyang City and Liling City of Hunan Province; governments of Wanzai county and Shangli County of Jiangxi Province

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