13 de Setembro de 2017

The 18th annual National Fireworks Association Expo 2017 was held in Erie, Pennsylvania, northeastern of the United States, from September 5 to September 11.

Thousands of members from around the globe attended seminars, workshops and the World’s largest Fireworks industry trade show at the Bayfront Convention Center and daily live demonstrations from manufacturers and distributors every night at the Lake Erie Speedway.

The booth of Super Fireworks Inc. which located in No.31 and No.54 attracted lots of customers. The latest products and fireworks information were displayed with a 55-inch LCD screen. Customers who left their specific address and contact information was allowed to choose any three products as samples. The local subsidiary of SFW will deliver these samples after the expo for free.

Many firework companies brought their best and latest products and firework demonstrations at 8 o’clock every night from September 5 to 9. The organizer culminated with a huge public event at Lake Erie Speedway on Saturday, September 9 featuring two hours of grand public display.

The grand firework displays videos are now available on the website ozozon.com. As a B2B sales platform with the latest fireworks product information, Ozozon.com is listed with 100 cooperative factories, more than 20,000 kinds of fireworks and fireworks related products, same price for online and offline.

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