Smolensk Shooting Stars

11 de Julho de 2017

In Russia, various festival of fireworks will hold to suitable for different tastes of audience, among them the most famous is the "Smolensk Shooting Stars" fireworks festival. The 7th Smolensk Shooting Stars" fireworks festival will held in airfield "Youzhny"from 17:00 to 23:00 on July 22. by the strongest pyrotechnic companies and experts that will please all fireworks fans.


 "Smolensk Shooting Stars" fireworks festival is the treasure of Smolensk region and the Russian Federation. On the day, folk art action will take place in the afternoon and tremendous fireworks show in the evening. Every year the festival has been gain a great success and many concerns from peoples.


The “Feyerverk-master” company and "Uncle Grisha"fireworks shop, with assistance of the governor of the Smolensk region A. V. Ostrovsky , are preparing a amazing fireworks show and gifts for the audiences.The fireworks component will be made by novelty and creative materials.

The most eminent masters of fireworks from Russia, Azerbaijan, Norway and Bulgaria will together to arrange a real and exciting pyrotechnic fight. Unique fireworks with music will win the hearts of the audience and make surprise to the professional jury. Professional jury for this fireworks show are including the CEO Alexander Tatarinchik of JSC Pyro-Shaw company (the chairman of jury), Eduard Vladimirovich Begel (the director of the company "Show design" from Kazakhstan), the winner of the international festival of fireworks in Moscow and also other eminent workers in the fireworks industry. And many foreign audiences will also join to watch the show. 


According to the decision of jury, all participants will compete to gain personalized diplomas and honorable cups. will provide prize for all the winners.Under the name of "Emerald Moments" , every team have one minute to do technical introduction and will become a pleasant bonus for all audience. The audience will happy to watch this improvisational performance.

Pyrotechnic team will present at the festival show and provide timely photo sand the video. team welcome to review the 2016 festival of the fireworks "Smolensk Shooting Stars" our website and hope for the 2017 show.