Fireworks festival "Kölner Lichter" in Cologne of Germany

21 de Julho de 2017

From May to September, Big weekend fireworks shows called “ Rhine fireworks ” are hold in the longest Germany Rhine River every year, from Bonn, Bingene , Ryudeskhayma, Spee-Koblenz, Obervesel , Sankt-Goarskhauzena to Sankt-Goare. The most famous fireworks show is the "Kölner Lichter" which is hold in Cologne on July 15,2017.

About one million people from Cologne and tourists are getting together in Kölner for the fireworks show ""Kölner Lichter" which is worth watching personally. On that day, the river are decorated by lights, lamps, candles and gorgeous boats.

On 8:30 pm, large-scale fireworks began in different areas of the river. The festival show and celebration activity are hold till midnight to bring joy to all attendees.  You can purchase expensive boat ticket to watch the show , have supper, enjoy various theatrical performances and cabaret and dance on the boat. White you also can watch the festival show from embankments and balconies of surrounding houses for free style space.

This year, the main fireworks company  WECO had organized the music fireworks show.The audience can select the most interesting musical songs of the pyrotechnic show and sing along with the known melodies. 20 songs are chosen by the audience for the show, including the works of Queen and John Lennon. The dark sky was lighted by Multi-colored fireworks with unique music accompaniment.

All activities was directly broad casted by WDR channel and people can enjoy the festive show from the house. And music fireworks show was also broad casted by Radio Köln radio station in real time.Cologne have already begun to plan a festival for 2018 and waited for all fans from worldwide. team will continue to provide the subscribers with the freshest information from reliable sources on worldwide fireworks events.

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