SuperFireworks on Fireworks Festival in China

27 de Dezembro de 2017

On the evening of November 4th,with beautiful moon light and cool breeze, all fireworks fans from worldwide were gathering on the beautiful bank of the Liuyang river.The 13th China (Liuyang) International Pyro - Musical Competition is the world- class International Fireworks competition, which has been held for the seventh time this year. We have some teams to compete the final champion, Taiwan, the United States, Russia and Germany team. After one night fierce competition, the 13th International Music Fireworks competition came to an end. All people from worldwide are amazed by the wonderful and spectacular fireworks show.

The 4 firework teams brought their best and latest products and firework demonstrations from 8 :00PM to 10 :00PM. The highlight of the fireworks show is “Innovate, Unique, exquisite and precise”.

SuperFireworks&Orion-Art bought the fireworks show of “Approach to Russia”, they have 4 chapter: Autumn splendid feelings of Russia, Winter Love songs of Russia,Fairy dreamland of Russia and King returning of Russia.The appointed songs are full of Russia style:The Night On Moscow's Outskirts,Katyusha,Fairy tales song of Soviet Union,Swan Lake.

After fierce competition, SuperFireworks&Orion-Art gained the third place of the show. We makes fireworks infinite charm to amaze whole world and present perfect audio-visual feast for all audiences. We hope our life more beautiful and the world more colorful because of fireworks!

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