Fireworks on "High Flight of 2017"

29 de Novembro de 2017

The pyrotechnic forum "High Flight"  is hold in Russian and foreign experts impart experiences and knowledge on the forum. Since 2011, fireworks show begin to display and from then every year will have the show.

In the year of 2017, from October 1 to October 4, representatives of the industry of fireworks have gathered on the forum near Serpukhov.Organizers, the Piroff Fireworks company, every year carefully prepare for this event and try to make it useful and positive with friendly atmosphere.

In two main days,  participants discussed some important events of last year, such as competitions of fireworks in Moscow , the World Championship of Fireworks competition in Kaliningrad , the International Pyrotechnic Symposium in Japan, and some secrets of business and technical subtleties at seminars.

After the presentation of several systems from the different countries, the participating experts have tested them. And they had prepared one and a half minute fireworks shows to the Soviet animated films which have brightened up evening for all guests later.

Also, a part of a forum has been allocated organizers of fireworks festivals and their potential participants have a convenient opportunity to communicate and register in the competitions.At the end of the forum, there is a format traditional gala dinner party and guests are in evening dresses. And the most important of this forum is that united pyrotechnic community and pushed development industry fireworks in our country.

The pyrotechnic joined the festival and wish all participants good luck! As a B2B sales platform with the latest fireworks product information, is listed with 100 cooperative factories, more than 20,000 kinds of fireworks and fireworks related products, same price for online and offline.


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