Amazing firework in London

29 de Novembro de 2017

In large cities like London, New year is considered to be a significant holiday, and there is nothing can give impressive representations to all the audiences except fireworks show.The annual New Year's fireworks show will be held on the bank of the Thames in the Area of Westminster.

The place for fireworks show is really unique: from Victoria Embankment to well-known Big Ben ,from the London eye - the hallmark of the city to a huge big wheel ,from the barge on the Thames river to the bank of the river. Such successful combination creates unique scenery for colourful fireworks representation that attract 100 thousand viewers.

The fireworks event had organized since 2000 by the mayor of London and every year will introduce something special activities to the show. For example, 2014  "tasty" fireworks show was added with fruit sweets, dispersion of fragrant fog, and edible bubbles, foam, confetti.

Specially in 2014, it is possible to get the best platforms for watching New Year's fireworks tickets at the cost of 10 pounds.Although it will take a little more time at the entrance for check-in, it can keep more safe for audiences and sold out immediately.For those who can’t get tickets of embankment or ships can listen to BBC or observed on TV or on the Internet. Last year BBC embodied 360-degree panoramic shooting of fireworks show for the first time and gave the chance to the audience to choose a viewing angle fireworks show by themselves.

To meet new year in London - entertaining experience with various opportunities, festive actions and parties will be organized everywhere, and the fireworks show with the Scottish song "Good Old Time" attracted people together.

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