The first international pyrotechnic badminton tournament “cat vs mouse”

10 de Setembro de 2015

In the glorious city of Liuyang of Hunan province it was normal sunny day. People were walking leisurely on the streets and on shady alleys, talking about everyday life and were glad to early autumn. However not many people realized that serious passions ignited just on the next street.

The first International Pyrotechnic badminton tournament “Cat vs Mouse” gains momentum.

Before the game starts, participants of tournament divided into two teams. When it was equal number of people in “Cats” and “Mice”, the real battle has begun. Each player gave all his best, to not to be eaten by the opponent team. Cheerful shouts of winners, hum in the air of racquets, groans of despair and sadness – that all is just is a small fraction of what was happening at this championship.

Two players reached the seme-final: director of Russian company “Feeria” LLC Igor Yazev and director of Russian project Andrey Iurevich Zubritskiy.

The final is going to be hot and it leaves a space for fantasies, but that’s for sure known that “Cat vs Mouse” Tournament will be held every year, and rows of participants will be replenished by new players of pyro-badminton.  

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