Fireworks on Chinese New Year

26 février 2018

Many people would appreciate the beautiful fireworks for the celebration of the Spring Festival tonight."In China, the Spring Festival is celebrated by setting off three bunches of firecrackers. One for the reunion dinner, one before closing the door at New Year's Eve, and one when you open the door on the first morning of the new year. The more firecrackers, the better. People even keep the red residues for more than a week, symbolizing lasting prosperity.Fireworks have illuminated the night sky , dazzling overseas Chinese in lands far away on Chinese New Year’s Eve. 

Fireworks of the seagulls flew to Hainan Phoenix Island fireworks

On New year’s eve, a huge "Seagull" flew over the Phoenix Island of Hainan. This "Seagull" is made by more than 100 drones, carrying Liuyang fireworks , flying from the sea over the Phoenix island. This technology opens a new chapter of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) fireworks, as well as the creative embodiment of the Liuyang fireworks and high technology. Liuyang art fireworks also uses "coconut" to show the characteristics of Hainan style; Fireworks of “ Treasure bowl”  have 500 meters in diameter, 360 degree rotation that had amazed all people.

As the longest cross-sea bridge in the world, the 1000 meter long fireworks is like a pair of huge wings. Hong Kong- Zhuhai --Macao Bridge will catch up with the soaring wings and connect Hongkong, Zhuhai and Macao. And the water fireworks made the bridge bloom all the way, and fireworks launched from the bridge into the sea, and then launched from the sea to the sky, forming a 1300 meter long fireworks Road, that is all beautiful.

Guizhou Zhaoxing Dong town, the village of drum, which is honored as "the first village of Dong". Dressed in the Dong clothes, people were dancing and singing in a 21.8 meters high drum tower with silver fountain fireworks, which add more interest to the chinese spring festival.

In this beautiful moment , Superfireworks Co.,ltd sends greetings and best wishes to all the  friends from home and abroad who care, support and cooperate.  Wish you a happy new year, happiness and good luck in everything!