Welcome 2018 New Year--Fireworks Show from all over the World

9 janvier 2018

On January 1-3, 2018, Russia held many fireworks shows to welcome 2018 New Year,  the  St-Petersburg of Russia residents watched the 2018 New Year Fireworks beside the Neva River.

A big fireworks show was held in the capital of Prague of Czech Republic in the new year of 2018. The fireworks show is aslo to commemorate the birth of the Czechoslovakia 100th anniversary, which was founded in October 28, 1918. The unprecedented fireworks show was hosted by the official government . On 6:00pm in January 1, 2018, the fireworks show began at

The Letn Park and lasted 660 seconds, about 11 minutes.

Sydney 2018 New Year Fireworks Show, 8 tons of fireworks shooting to the sky, the mayor of Sydney said, "this is Australia's night of the year, millions of people all over the world will enjoy this beautiful night, and children also can participate in this wonderful night, it is a rare chance in life. I can't wait to see the beautiful show on the eve of the new year's night. "

Taipei high building--- 101, from 11:59pm on 2017/12/31, " Happy Together " as the theme of the fireworks show last 6 minutes, Taipei 101 fireworks show in 2018 break the record of the longest fireworks duration. This year's fireworks show is the first time to add an extra long net T-Pad that is consisted of nearly 140 thousand LED. It is hung between 101 floors 35 to 90 floors. Multimedia visual innovation will bring fresh viewing experience for all the audience.

On Dec 31, Hongkong, The "magic star"fireworks show was hold in the Hong Kong, Every 15 minutes from the roof releasing four color fireworks, red ,yellow ,green , gold color "wish meteor" fireworks, meaning sweet and healthy, sending prosperity to residents and visitors.

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